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Book signing at Reilly Gallery (Kennewick, WA)
Guest on KONA Radio (Pasco, WA)
Guest on Spotlight with Dana Robinson (TV show in Spanish Fork, UT)

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It’s the Little Moments that Matter
a book review

"Wendy Christensen’s book of homespun daily affirmations is chock-full of
her own recipes for achieving love and happiness. The spiral-bound book
by the local author is entitled, “It’s the Little Moments that Matter; 26 Simple
Steps to Enrich Every Moment of Your Life!” In it, Wendy draws upon her
experiences to give practical advice for living.

"The book is outlined in 26 chapters, each one represented by a letter of
the alphabet. In the first chapter called Act with Love, she advises the
reader to experience love by acting lovingly toward others. She even gives
specific examples for acting lovingly at the grocery store, such as putting
away your grocery cart or letting someone else ahead of you in line. In
another chapter, she recommends simplicity, and writes. “For starters – fix
an egg salad sandwich”. And then, goes on to give her recipe for an egg
salad sandwich.

"She places emphasis on the little moments of life and how much they
matter; things like hugs and hugging. Wendy’s sense of humor shines
through, especially in the chapter, Wooing, where she recommends
keeping the love alive by going to the local thrift store with your loved one
and buying outrageous outfits together, then wearing them out to dinner.
Her book begins with action and ends with action, and is an effort of
complete sincerity. It took Wendy several years of collecting and recording
her thoughts on love, life, family, friends, and God, to bring this book to
- Reactor Magazine

“Your pride and happy personality flows off each page to combine with the thoughts to provide a wonderfully rich calming cocktail. You’re very talented and you must continue.”
- Finian O’Sullivan, President, Burren Energy - London, UK
(I sat next to this very nice man on a plane to Chicago).

“Every once in a while a book comes along that really matters and this book does. The world needs more feel good, common sense, heartfelt books like, It's The Little Moments That Matter and more authors like Wendy Christensen who help us all appreciate a little bit more of what we already have.”
~Dana Robinson - Host of Spotlight

“What a great book – your words reminded me of many beautiful moments! You have brought your mother and I so much joy!”
- Dad

“I like how this book gives you tips on how to have happy conversations and how to make your moments matter.”
- Comment made during radio interview on KONA.

"G'day Wendy,
I'm delighted you enjoyed 'It's Never Too Late'.
I checked out your website and I see we're on the same wavelength.
I wish you great success with your book and your online ventures.
~ Patrick Lindsay (One of Australia's leading non-fiction authors and public speakers.)

“Reading your book was a happy time for me. It makes all the other happy moments come into focus and take center stage. I just this minute finished your book - my whole day will be more fun. "
- Jean J.

"I am absolutely in love with your book. I started reading last night and couldn't stop. It is so refreshing and energizing. It has completely changed my outlook on the little things. I am so grateful for your amazing insight. Thank you for writing such an awesome book and for helping me appreciate the world around me."
- Rachel K.

"Full of simple concepts and suggestions on how to live in a state of appreciation for every moment of our lives, this book is an easy, light-hearted read. Wendy finds delight in the most ordinary moments and reminds me again and again how very good life is!"
- Jeanna J.

"The articles I have enjoyed the most are in the religion section (referring to the Tri-City Citizen newspaper) — especially the articles from Wendy Christensen, she is very uplifting and gives me a new perspective. Thanks for all your hard work. Keep it up. I hope to have more happy reading.
- April R.

"I can't tell you how tickled I am that the Tri-City Citizen publishes Wendy Christensen's wonderful, positive enlightenments! At least once a month I can depend on her insight to help me ponder about things that really matter. You can feel that she cherishes life; she is delightful, exuberant and sincere. What a breath of fresh air she is!"
- Nancy O.

"I really liked your book.  You did a wonderful job.  Thank you! "
~Sara C.

"It was great to meet you in person at BEA (Book Expo America) and thanks so much for the beautiful book you gave us. "
~Skye Van-Raalte-Herzog (Skye is the co-founder of Expanded Books. Before starting the company, she worked at Warner Bros. Worldwide Publishing for nine years producing film and television tie-in books for the studio.)
~ Todd Stevens  (Todd Stevens is the co-founder of Expanded Books. Prior to founding Expanded Books Todd was co-executive producer on the Emmy Award-winning show, Friends.)

"Dear Wendy,
I have been meaning to write and thank you for the beautiful book. I love what you have written and I read it as I am eating breakfast --good way to start the day! :)
Thanks again "
~ Emily C.

"Wow, I feel like going out and conquering the world."
- Stacy M.

"An inspirational journey in self-discovery and a joyous celebration of life! This book will make you want to hug yourself." 
~ Kersten Campbell, author of "Booby Trapped: And other Amazing Adventures in Motherhood"

"What a darling book!  ...Last night I read the chapter on hair extensions.  OH MY!  I was laughing so hard.  Thanks for sharing your talents." ~ Kylene S.